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History Of Name Change

For many years, long-term residents and visitors held the view that the name Rosebud West did not reflect the true character of our township or allow us our own identity.  In 2015 a group of us decided to see if our thinking was shared across Postcode 3940 and, if so, to do something about it.  At that time the adoption of the name of Capel Sound was already well underway with the Capel Sound Shopping Village, the Capel Sound Foreshore and many businesses adopting the name.


The action that followed resulted in the name Rosebud West being changed to Capel Sound when it was Gazetted by the Victorian Government on 15 September 2016.


As background, way back in 1840 (177 years ago) what is now Postcode 3940 was known as Capel Sound as it was located next to a bay feature of that name.  A ‘sound’ is an area of deeper water where ships could find safe anchor in a storm and Capel Sound was surveyed and named in 1836.  The Sound was named after the then Commander of the Royal Navy’s Far East Squadron, Thomas Baden Capel.


Many of us have wonderful memories of times spent in West Rosebud (and more recently Rosebud West). These memories will never disappear but will be complemented by times spent in a vibrant Capel Sound.


Documents that tell the full story

‘Who we are’ (27 July 2015) Proposal made to Council requesting the name change be considered

Council Officers’ Report-1 (November 2015) Recommendation that Community Consultation should be undertaken

‘Having our own identity’ (5 February 2016) Submission made to Council as part of Consultation Process

Council Officers’ Report-2 (11 April 2016) Recommendation that Council should support the name change

Submission to Minister and Registrar of Geographic Names (27 May 2016) Addressing issues raised.


Our Thanks

We are grateful to the many people who, in different ways, contributed to this initiative:

  • The 250 people we interviewed who took the time to tell us what they thought and why - irrespective of whether or not they favoured the change 

  • Those who supported us in many practical ways (such as delivering flyers to all residences across Postcode 3940) 

  • The public servants in both the Victorian Government and our local council who provided clear advice on the process to be followed 

  • Our Councilors, the Victorian Government member (Martin Dixon MP) and community leaders who listened and provided ideas, encouragement and their support 

  • The 1,065 residents, ratepayers and businesses who took the time to tell Council whether or not they supported the change, and 

  • Those who visited our website and sent an email, blog or a facebook post telling us what they thought.


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