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Welcome to the website of CapelSound3940.  Capel Sound is a special place on the southern Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.


First established to support the change of name of Postcode 3940 from Rosebud West to Capel Sound, this site was never intended as an end in itself - but just the first step in engaging our local community members and enabling local people develop our own identity and build strong sense of community in what we firmly believe is a very special place. 


Working on the belief that we should all know and appreciate what is in our own ‘back yard’, the community-led Capel Sound Community Group (previously known as the Rosebud West Action Group) has developed a range of activities for all community members, regardless of age, ability or backgrounds, to explore and experience for themselves.  These are captured in a brochure ’21 Good Things to Do in Capel Sound’.   All residents and holiday-home owners will receive a copy of this brochure in their letterboxes during October/November 2017.  You can download a copy of this brochure here.


To learn more about each of the activities, who to contact, etc. check the option ‘21 Good Things’. We also invite your feedback on any of these activities or suggest others so that we can continue to build a sense of community in our township.


The option ‘Capel Sound 3940’ provides an overview of the township of Capel Sound.  

Are you interested in the story of how and why the name change came about?  Check the option ‘History of Name Change’.

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